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Tule Elk

This hunt is for rifle or archery hunters. Hunter success is 100% on this unique trophy animal. Harvested trophy elk will score between 250 - 330 gross Boone & Crockett points. 285 net points is the Boone & Crockett minimum, and 65% of harvested animals made Boone & Crockett. The season coincides with the rut.

Our over arching management goal is to help each Ranch achieve its potential in game management be it diversity of game animals, size of males or optimum sex and age ratio’s. We do this by keeping harvest records that include cementum analysis of age, Boone and Crockett scores and phenotypical data.  In some instances we also collect fall age and sex data and winter population data.
All of this information is analyzed annually to determine harvest strategies for the coming season. We believe that animals should be mature when they are hunted and harvested, regardless of Boone and Crockett scores.

State: California
Date: August.

2010 Season Price

*Pricing subject to change for 2011 season

The Guntly Ranch, California - $14,500 - Rifle or Archery - plus CA hunting license ($130) and Elk tag ($500)- 1x1

This 10,000 acre property lies in northern California approximately 20 miles outside of Ukiah in Mendicino County.  It is approximately 100 miles northwest of Sacramento.  The terrain is varied from irrigated bottoms and orchards to rugged oak covered hills.  This ranch has a herd of approximately 100+ head of Tule elk and is involved in California’s PLM areas.  Through this program we receive four permits per year managed strictly for trophy hunting.  The minimum B&C score for Tule elk is 285.  Thirty percent of the harvested bulls score 285 or better and it is not uncommon to kill 300+ bulls.


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